Steam: redeems itself

Over a month ago I wrote about Steam and how they suspended my account with them over a charge that was accepted and then returned 6 weeks later. It took a lot of investigating on my part and CapitalOne’s part with very little leeway from Steam to bend their policy.

The problem was with a transaction procedure that wasn’t followed correctly on Steam’s end that somehow raised a red flag with CapitalOne 6 weeks after the DLC expansion pack for the game Borderlands was made, and was then deemed fraudulent by CapitalOne. Weeks of going back and forth with CapitalOne got me nowhere and I was going to lose hundreds of dollars worth of games over a returned online purchase of $6.69.

After sending several letters to Steam support practically begging them to let me purchase the expansion pack again I was handed off to a second member of the support personnel. He informed me that he spoke to his supervisors and that they were going to allow me to make good on my intentions and attempt the purchase again. Screw CapitalOne, I just used my bankcard so that if there were an issue they would call and let e know rather than dispute the charge and not tell me. Turns out I was blaming the wrong people for the problem.

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5 thoughts on “Steam: redeems itself

  1. bartkowski says:

    I started playing another free online game this weekend, Lord of Ultima. You’re kind of a youngster, so you may not remember the old Ultima game from a mazillion years ago, but this is better. And worse. It’s a lot like Ikariam so far, but I’ve only been playing a couple of days so it may become more RPG-like.

    But it’s free, so the price is right! Although, just like in Ikariam, you can make things happen faster if you shell out a little cash.

    It’s worth a look (

    • error404ts says:

      I remember you telling me that you were develiping a game similar to the Ultima series. I never had an instrucin booklet so my knowledge of that game was minimal. I remember being at a ledge or soemthing and not knowing what to do with a rope that was above me. Or something like that.

  2. bart says:

    No, that’s Zork. Zork was all about solving puzzles as if you were a character within a story and was all textual.

    Ultima was an RPG with dungeons and quests. And was 99% graphical (crappy graphics, but graphics nonetheless). But the new free MMO Ultima has pretty sweet graphics, although it moves pretty slow (just like Ikariam).

  3. bart says:

    So did having an actual reader for your rants take all the wind out of your sails?

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