Healthcare Reform and America’s Terrorist Attacks

This is gonna be a short one.  I just need to say that all the vandalism and hateful acts on America’s politicians are completely uncalled for and hypocritical of American citizens.  The same American citizens that have a hatred for the terrorist acts carried out by extremists all over the world.  We will surely tear ourselves apart if we keep up this pace.  People may not be getting hurt or killed with tactics like placing a coffin on a politician’s lawn or making death threats via phone calls and hate mail, but it’s still terrorism.

Shame on us, America.  Shame on our government for strong-arming the healthcare reform on us, and shame on our citizens for reacting violently in lack of support for it.  Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, whatever.  We’re supposed to be more civilized than this.


3 thoughts on “Healthcare Reform and America’s Terrorist Attacks

  1. bart says:

    Filthy hippy!

  2. bart says:

    Filthy Republican hippy!

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