Balboa in Spring

Spring in San Diego really does me me feel alive.  I live so close to Balboa Park that it’s a quick walk to the Prado for some practice with my camera, good food, and to blend it like a tourist.  And that’s exactly how I spent this afternoon.

The Botanical Building is always nice to get out of the Sun and cool in the shade.  I have little interest in flowers, but as photography subjects and with the lighting in there can make for some pretty interesting shots.  It’s also one of the free exhibits there so it’s a must-see.  Today I was looking for spiders and some different flowers to shoot and ended up with just a few plant shots instead.

I also love the talent that shows up there.  Usually it’s palm and tarot card readers, random musician that may or may not have talent, caricature artists, and food vendors along the main corridor where the museums are.  On occasion you’ll be presented with some real talented people, like Steam Powered Giraffe.  They are a “Musical Pantomime Troupe” with a Steam Punk theme that are funny have some original and pleasant songs.  They were really good.  How they handled being in the Sun wearing all black and having their faces covered in makeup is beyond me.  That’s dedication.

If every day could be like this I wouldn’t ever want to leave.  I think the worst part of Balboa today was watching a woman who was wearing a dress that was too small and colorful for her adjust her panties by tugging at them through her dress.  Snap!  Snap!  Ugh.  Shudder.

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One thought on “Balboa in Spring

  1. bob says:

    I saw these same pantomime performers at Seaport Village last year. They certainly are an entertaining bunch (I was thinking the same thing as you about their dedication as I stood there sweating in the shade in my shorts and t-shirt).

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