Can I Have Some Fries With Those Chips?

Fried motherboard, that is.  I have spent the last 3 evenings troubleshooting what was wrong after my desktop PC (running Windows 7) was accidentally put to sleep by yours truly and was not able to wake up.  A quick trip to Fry’s to get a new power supply was what was needed initially, but after that installation was complete there was a booting issue and if I was able to get past the “Welcome” screen after logging in I was lucky.

Unfortunately it was nothing but doom and gloom from then on as I tried configuration after configuration by swapping out RAM sticks and unplugging peripherals, trying everything that I could to get the freakin’ machine to breathe.  I was up super late Friday night, up super late Saturday night, and I might be up late tonight as I’m finally able to install a fresh dose of Windows 7 because (YES!) I was able to get it working.

The culprits causing the difficulties after the PSU was replaced were 2 blown out and burned chips or transistors or something on the motherboard.  It’s no wonder I wasn’t able to get it working.  What’s strange is that even though I could only get Windows 7 to work in Safe Mode, and I couldn’t install Vista or Windows 7 over the existing system because the system would hang, Windows XP Pro was able to be installed and worked like a champ.  But I wasn’t about to stay with that OS after I paid good money for 7.  And who knows what kind of disaster could have come out of a fried motherboard since I tend to leave my computer on all day as I download torrents while I’m at work.

So, now that I have my system up and running please excuse me while I start reinstalling all the bits and pieces of software so that I can be PC-functional again.


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