Fallout of Valentine’s Day – the day after

Apparently when a boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t live up to our standards some people are quicker to recover than others.  The friend that I wrote about in my earlier post has made it through the sadness stage and moved right in to anger/bitterness.  Holy shit.  She’s even ready to start dating again.  She can’t even wait for him to get back for them to talk and finalize things before she’s ready to move on.  I’m talking to her right now as I type this (it’s easy to just listen and not interact if I don’t have to add my own $.02) and some of the things that she’s saying are outrageous.

This is just a fucked situation they’re in.  How do people get in to these situations?  By choice, that’s how.


3 thoughts on “Fallout of Valentine’s Day – the day after

  1. phife54 says:

    That’s nutzoid. At least my V-Day was spared in the end!

  2. error404ts says:

    She’s a little messed up. This is a woman who just the day before was talking about marrying him and “wanting him so bad” that she was crying about it almost uncontrollably. Then again, she’s the same woman who thinks that being sad for a day or two is considered depression. Sorry, but depression lasts a Hell of a lot longer than a day or two.

  3. phife54 says:

    For real. For depression to be “clinical” the symptoms must last for at least two weeks (http://www.mental-health-today.com/dep/dsm.htm).

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